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The Treatment Center has giant billboard ads all over Palm Beach County that show people with long-term sobriety dates yet the facility has only been open since 2009. The one attached to this complaint is just one of the many ads that show someone who did not actually get sober at TTC (The Treatment Center) this billboard shows a sober date of 1984.

If they mean to just show that people can get sober, then they should say that, instead this ad suggests that that person got sober through TTC (The Treatment Center). The videos on Youtube are also misleading as one of them shows people holding up signs of sober dates that exceed the time TTC has been open. Also, the people holding the signs are not the people on the signs.

Look at their hands and the names. One is clearly a man holding up a woman's name and sober date.



Thank you for taking the time to give us your insight. As you know, The Treatment Center has helped many heal from the ravaging disease of addiction.

We have received a positive response to our billboards so far. Their purpose is to reach out to those who are still struggling, and show them it is possible to live a clean and sober life. Those who have chosen to be featured on our billboards have either received treatment at our facility, or they are an integral part of our staff who trust and believe in our philosophy.

It was an honor for us to celebrate our 5 year anniversary by celebrating those in the recovery community.

We look forward to continuing our effort to reach those who are still struggling, and raise awareness about addiction and recovery. For any further questions, you may contact our CEO, Bill Russell, directly at 561-253-3161.

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